October 2, 2009 at 11:40 pm (Photo J)

anna_and plate

Anna Flores works on her ceramics II project on Wednesday. For her final project Anna wants to make a functional but artsy styled tea set.


The bottom of Anna’s plate. She had already planned out what she wanted to do to her piece earlier that day.


Anna starts the make her design, it’s a slow, difficult and time consuming process. You have to be incredible delicate with the clay so that you do not destroy the shape of your piece.


Clay shavings and the tool used to whittle away at the plate. There is a good amount of clay that is actually not used but in fact wasted.


Anna uses one of the model pottery wheels to make her project, the older pottery wheels  you have to spin the base with your legs while the newer wheels are automatic.


The finished plate,  Anna had set it down to start to dry off before she can glaze it.
Constance Krzyzanowski,(2009)


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