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October 25, 2009 at 4:22 pm (Photo J)

Krzyzanowski_16 practice




Krzyzanowski_catch that

Krzyzanowski_runnaway 5

Krzyzanowski_Smile 80


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week 7 News- Fire Safety

October 11, 2009 at 11:28 am (Photo J)

So had a different idea for this project until I looked out my dorm window and saw a fire truck. It could have been anything so I grabbed my stuff and got out there! The first thing I saw when I got out there was a bunch a small children so I immediately asked one of the adults if I could photograph them. The lady (she never gave me her name) said no due to consent issues but she said I could photograph the event. She told me that the kids at the Central Lutheran Church child Care Center had been learning about fire safety for the past two weeks, and one of the kid’s father is a volunteer at the fire station here in winona so he was able to get the fire Captain Kim Bartelson and a three other firefighters to come out on a chilly day to show the kids what a fire man looked like, what they do, and to not be scared for them.

In a way I still got the kids in the shot by getting there reflections, none of the reflections show who the kids are or expose any sort of noticeable feature so I thought it would work with out me getting in any sort of trouble.


Photo 1.  In this photo fire fighter Brandon and the Captain of the Fight department in Central Winona are talking to young children from Central Lutheran Church Child Car Center about fire safety and in this shot he is letting kids see that a suited up fire fighter is friendly and that when one of the fighters is hurt or had fallen a alarm will start to sound so that his friends and go in and find him.

Krzyzanowski_fire gear

Photo 2. In this one Brandon shows the kids what he looks like and even talk to them. Then another fighter came to show the kids how the oxygen tank worked. The Captain is talking to the kids about walky-talkies and letting them say “hi” to the station.

Krzyzanowski_walkie talky

Photo 3. Captain Kim better explains why you call 9-1-1 and what happens when you do, his example was the cops, an ambulance and the fire fighters all show up to help them, he also talked about how important it is to have a fire escape plan with there families just in case.

Krzyzanowski_moving ladder

Photo 4. A Fire Fighter moves into position so he can put the ladder down, after one of his colleagues climbs up it. The ladders on a fire truck can reach up to 105 feet in the air and can reach up to 11 to 13 floors.

Krzyzanowski_lowering Ladder

Photo 5. The same Fire Fighter lowering the ladder while answering questions from both the kids and his Captain. Most of the kids want to go on the ladder after it had been put away but the teachers told them they could not.


Photo 6. The Central Winona Fire Station Truck parked out side of the Central Lutheran. Its there for the Children to view and so they can learn about Fire Safety.

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October 2, 2009 at 11:40 pm (Photo J)

anna_and plate

Anna Flores works on her ceramics II project on Wednesday. For her final project Anna wants to make a functional but artsy styled tea set.


The bottom of Anna’s plate. She had already planned out what she wanted to do to her piece earlier that day.


Anna starts the make her design, it’s a slow, difficult and time consuming process. You have to be incredible delicate with the clay so that you do not destroy the shape of your piece.


Clay shavings and the tool used to whittle away at the plate. There is a good amount of clay that is actually not used but in fact wasted.


Anna uses one of the model pottery wheels to make her project, the older pottery wheels  you have to spin the base with your legs while the newer wheels are automatic.


The finished plate,  Anna had set it down to start to dry off before she can glaze it.
Constance Krzyzanowski,(2009)

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