RE-Belly On Project WSU

September 25, 2009 at 9:46 pm (Photo J)

Krzyzanowski_love your body1

Courtney Ault from F.O.R.G.E, or  Fighting for Our Rights and Gender Equality shows her self confident on Sept 25 at their re-Belly on project.   F.O.R.G.E is a Feminist group at Winona State University, by writing things like “love your body” to help promote self love and boost confidence.

Krzyzanowski_Tummy colors

Eileen Moeller (left) and Courtney Ault (right) get themselves ready for the re-belly on project at the Wabasha Building in Winona, MN on Friday the 25.

Krzyzanowski_love your body heart

Kristina Pathum, displays her enthusiasm at the event as the girls continue to write different statements on there skin, at the re-belly on project Friday the 25.

Krzyzanowski_tummy tums

Courtney Ault (left) and Eileen Moeller (right) show their support with the re-Belly on project, they openly show parts of their body that they are insecure about.


Eileen Moeller (left) during the re- belly on event letting it all hang out and showing comfort in her own skin.


Courtney Ault (left), Kat Heiar, Jane Doe, Kristina Parthum (right), Eileen Moeller (far right) are a few of the members of the F.O.R.G.E  group. They  get together twice a years and hold this re-belly on event to encourage people to stop hating their bodies.
Constance Krzyzanowski, Stop Hating Your Self, 09


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