~Kasey Ann Snater~

September 13, 2009 at 10:51 am (Photo J)

kasey A Snater cutes

Kasey Snater of Austin, MN had gone through a life-changing event. Last year she almost died, she has a disease called ulcerative colitis that causes her immune system to attack the lining of her colon. She has lived with an Ostomy bag for over a year now. She is still as lively and energetic as ever. She has her down days just like every one else but she as insanely high spirits and always makes every one else around her happy. She is comfortable with her Ostomy bag and she is comfortable with random people asking her about it. She likes to keep people informed on what is going on.


1 Comment

  1. kasey said,

    thanks for the compliments….but you are an amazing photographer and you have insanely high spirits yourself…you help keep me upbeat.

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