On the lake Photo J

September 6, 2009 at 9:08 pm (Photo J)

Rachel and ducks

Rachel and her husband (last name disclosed) come to Winona’s big lake every night to feed the ducks and geese.  I found them sitting on a bench under a tree with a full bag of bread, they had already made there way half way round the lake. Rachel told me that they have been doing this every night for the past couple of years.  I asked them why they do this, and Rachel told me that it was a reason to get outside, and relax. She admitted that when the weather is crummy they tend to stay home but when they get the chance the get outside and make their rounds. When Rachel and her husband had finished feeding the ducks and geese they packed up there things and continued around the lake, and to my surprise over half of the ducks and geese started to fallow them down the path at a much slower speed. After that the ducks and geese started to fallow every one who passed confusing them for Rachel and her husband. Even I was fallowed.


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