bottle photo J

September 6, 2009 at 9:13 pm (Photo J)

bottle of white


Thorpe, WI, it was a dull afternoon at Grandma Mary Krzyzanowski’s house. Small cousins fighting and aunts bickering about such subtle things. Some action was necessary in order to stay sane so my sister Brittany Krzyzanowski and I decided to walk to an abandoned house located down the road. This bottle of an unknown white powder was found while I was walking through the abandoned house. It was located in the entryway, which was falling apart. This house was the house my grandma was raised in. she spent most of her life in that house and working on the farm although now it is uninhabitable and slowly falling apart, this house in hidden inside a sea of weeds and trees. There were allot of broken cups and plates in it, after my grandma and her family moved out the house was let with most of its material goods to just wither and rot. There were plenty of crazy and cool things the look at but the bottle is what caught my eye, and the mystery of what could be inside. My grandma has no idea what’s in it. Perhaps its something used to bake or it could be something completely different.


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  1. sticky21 said,

    Why dont you have the contents of bottle analized by a Chemist.

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