RE-Belly On Project WSU

September 25, 2009 at 9:46 pm (Photo J)

Krzyzanowski_love your body1

Courtney Ault from F.O.R.G.E, or  Fighting for Our Rights and Gender Equality shows her self confident on Sept 25 at their re-Belly on project.   F.O.R.G.E is a Feminist group at Winona State University, by writing things like “love your body” to help promote self love and boost confidence.

Krzyzanowski_Tummy colors

Eileen Moeller (left) and Courtney Ault (right) get themselves ready for the re-belly on project at the Wabasha Building in Winona, MN on Friday the 25.

Krzyzanowski_love your body heart

Kristina Pathum, displays her enthusiasm at the event as the girls continue to write different statements on there skin, at the re-belly on project Friday the 25.

Krzyzanowski_tummy tums

Courtney Ault (left) and Eileen Moeller (right) show their support with the re-Belly on project, they openly show parts of their body that they are insecure about.


Eileen Moeller (left) during the re- belly on event letting it all hang out and showing comfort in her own skin.


Courtney Ault (left), Kat Heiar, Jane Doe, Kristina Parthum (right), Eileen Moeller (far right) are a few of the members of the F.O.R.G.E  group. They  get together twice a years and hold this re-belly on event to encourage people to stop hating their bodies.
Constance Krzyzanowski, Stop Hating Your Self, 09


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#12 peace out!

September 17, 2009 at 11:17 pm (Photo J)

pease out

I went with Sawyer to Cotter High School for a varsity volleyball game. It was an intense game and all the players took it very seriously.  At first I wanted to get the cliché sports shots, mid spike zoom in or the amazing off centered serve. But as the game continued and the players became more set on winning I saw more of the imperfections, and there personalities. And that’s what I wanted to show. I wanted to get number 12 Brie Clark’s of Triton High Schools attitude.  Now the light in the gymnasium was not great so my shutter was slower. And so I was taking shot after shot after shot just so I could get a good clear image. I noticed #12 first when she served the ball; there was some serious attitude in it! The whole jump and hit serve then she would keep her teams spirit up but at the same time she seemed to be critiquing them, when Clark did this sideways peace sign I knew that was my shot.  It makes the game seen somewhat trivial but at the same time it shows how these girls feel about the game (or at least how Clark feels about the game). Clark was defiantly exciting to watch and the shot was defiantly worth the wait.

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~Kasey Ann Snater~

September 13, 2009 at 10:51 am (Photo J)

kasey A Snater cutes

Kasey Snater of Austin, MN had gone through a life-changing event. Last year she almost died, she has a disease called ulcerative colitis that causes her immune system to attack the lining of her colon. She has lived with an Ostomy bag for over a year now. She is still as lively and energetic as ever. She has her down days just like every one else but she as insanely high spirits and always makes every one else around her happy. She is comfortable with her Ostomy bag and she is comfortable with random people asking her about it. She likes to keep people informed on what is going on.

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bottle photo J

September 6, 2009 at 9:13 pm (Photo J)

bottle of white


Thorpe, WI, it was a dull afternoon at Grandma Mary Krzyzanowski’s house. Small cousins fighting and aunts bickering about such subtle things. Some action was necessary in order to stay sane so my sister Brittany Krzyzanowski and I decided to walk to an abandoned house located down the road. This bottle of an unknown white powder was found while I was walking through the abandoned house. It was located in the entryway, which was falling apart. This house was the house my grandma was raised in. she spent most of her life in that house and working on the farm although now it is uninhabitable and slowly falling apart, this house in hidden inside a sea of weeds and trees. There were allot of broken cups and plates in it, after my grandma and her family moved out the house was let with most of its material goods to just wither and rot. There were plenty of crazy and cool things the look at but the bottle is what caught my eye, and the mystery of what could be inside. My grandma has no idea what’s in it. Perhaps its something used to bake or it could be something completely different.

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Reflections and relaxation Photo J

September 6, 2009 at 9:10 pm (Photo J)


Big lake Winona, Sugar Loaf. I was walking round the lake taking pictures and watching people. That path is quite the hang out place, people with rollerblades speed past you, as do bikers and runners. Then you get the occasional walkers simply meandering their way around the lake. And then there are some people fishing on the edge of the lake.  it is quite a beautiful sight, and a very relaxing placing to just hang out.  I was able to get a shot of a boy who was fishing with is father, unfortunately by the time I had gotten there they were packing up to leave, but there where still others out fishing and having fun.  Sugar loaf  (the big rock) is also an excellent hang out place, teens, adults, and everyone else can hike out there on there free time. There are ever people who climb that beast with professional equipment.  My thought process when taking this picture was all about the reflections, the reflection of the boy and the reflection of the bluff.

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On the lake Photo J

September 6, 2009 at 9:08 pm (Photo J)

Rachel and ducks

Rachel and her husband (last name disclosed) come to Winona’s big lake every night to feed the ducks and geese.  I found them sitting on a bench under a tree with a full bag of bread, they had already made there way half way round the lake. Rachel told me that they have been doing this every night for the past couple of years.  I asked them why they do this, and Rachel told me that it was a reason to get outside, and relax. She admitted that when the weather is crummy they tend to stay home but when they get the chance the get outside and make their rounds. When Rachel and her husband had finished feeding the ducks and geese they packed up there things and continued around the lake, and to my surprise over half of the ducks and geese started to fallow them down the path at a much slower speed. After that the ducks and geese started to fallow every one who passed confusing them for Rachel and her husband. Even I was fallowed.

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